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Recommended Products

One product we get a lot of questions about is anti virus.  What is a good one?  What brand name can I trust?  Will it protect my computer?  Due to new threats being created and discovered daily, there is no solution that can offer true 100% protection.  The next question is always...What anti virus do you use?  I use Avast anti virus on my own computer and recommend it to everyone I know.  For home users Avast offers three products. 
1)Avast Free Anti-virus-  It has a year free license and offers basic protection
2)Avast Pro Anti-virus-   Offers more robust protection including "sandbox" technology
3)Avast Internet Security-  Includes a software firewall and an anti-spam feature for your email

No matter which version you choose,  anti virus is a must in today's online environment.   As an authorized Avast reseller, I can help you choose which product is right for you and give you local, hands on support with any issues with your Avast purchase.  Contact me for a quote.

Another product that I use personally and can recommend is GoDaddy for domain name registration and website hosting.  They have a quality product with good after sales support and the prices are very low.  Click the banner below to register a domain or sign up for any of GoDaddy's services.

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